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Budget Advocacy and Approaches

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Research, Innovation, and training are at the heart of our theory of change thus supporting generation of evidence and adoption of good practices by governments in efforts to support implementation and adherence to constitutional and PFM provisions through knowledge and experience. CIOG Kenya acknowledges that good progress has been made so far to strengthen management of public finances in Kenya under the new constitutional order. In its efforts, the organization aims at promoting learning, innovation, and scaling of value-adding ideas by researching current and ongoing practices, experimenting and testing of new ideas and offering technical support and training of stakeholders.

Budget Research and Analysis
CIOG Kenya reviews county budgets and related documents against responsiveness to needs of various advocacy groups. Among our recent work in this area include assessment of responsiveness of budgets and policies to children and youth needs. We have particular interest in access to public services with focus on healthcare; agricultural productivity; access to safe and clean water for domestic use while we also conduct general analysis on government revenue generation and spending on advice of our partners.
Training and Capacity Development
CIOG Kenya trains Civil Society, Community Organized Groups and Government officials on PFM, research and advocacy. Our training ranges from production and use of key budget documents and understanding of Kenya’s budget making process while identifying opportunities for participation across the budget cycle. We also train and offer technical support to advocacy groups on proactive engagement and evidence-driven advocacy.
Innovating Civic Engagement
Civic engagement is an integral part of democracy. Whereas public participation is now anchored in Kenya’s supreme laws as a legal requirement, the challenge that CIOG Kenya and partners aim to address is, how participation should happen; using what approaches and; through which platforms. While acknowledging government efforts to consult public, current traditional consultative approaches is yet to facilitate communities to shape government budgets and policies. On that note, CIOG Kenya support learning through experiment, testing and documentation while exploring how other approaches such as Public Deliberation (PD) and Participatory Budgeting (PB) can invigorate traditional approaches or provide new alternatives for better results. In addition, we are exploring opportunities such as County Budget and Economic Forums (CBEFs) which are grounded in the laws as well as Sector Working Groups (SGWs) while experimenting on how technology, through online platforms, can enhance access to offline participatory opportunities for disadvantaged communities.