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Research and Analysis


In order to support public service delivery advocacy groups to better engage in policy and budget priority setting, CIOG Kenya conduct analysis and research of budgets and public policy with aim of providing target actors with relevant and necessary information and platforms for discussions. In other addition, CIOG Kenya train civil society and community organized groups as well as government with aim of strengthening public finance and policy knowledge and, to improve the deliberative capacity of state and non-state actors through technical assistance.

Budget Research and Analysis

Research, Innovation and training is at the heart of our theory of change thus supporting generation of evidence and adoption of good practices by governments in efforts to support implementation and adherence to constitutional and PFM provisions through knowledge and experience. CIOG Kenya acknowledges that good progress has been made so far to strengthen management of public finances in Kenya under the new constitutional order. In its efforts, the organization aims at promoting learning, innovation and scaling of value-adding ideas by researching current and ongoing practices, experimenting and testing of new ideas and offering technical support and training of stakeholders.

Equity and Fairness

Among the objects of devolution is the reduction of glaring inequalities in access to basic services resulting from historical injustices of resource distribution in Kenya by changing the way resources are distributed. Even as progress is made in addressing inequalities, yet, ways in which resources are shared remain an area that require continuous stakeholder discussions. Adoption of a formula to share nationally raised revenue between national and county governments and, across counties as well as emerging policy issues such as the proposed County Ward Development Equalization Bill 2018 at national level and, policy practices adopted by counties including Elgeyo Marakwet County’s Equitable Development Act 2015 and the various Ward Development Funds at the county level are indicators of progress towards equitable societies.

Even as progress towards equity and fairness having been made, there are gaps in the proposed policies as demonstrated by discontent by stakeholders on how certain decisions have been made in formulating these policies. Whereas discontent is an indication of dissatisfaction, CIOG Kenya and its partners views this as an opportunity for dialogue, thus, creating space for exploration of ideas from across wide range of stakeholders. This provides an opportunity and justifiable reason for continuous reflection and discussion to cultivate a shared understanding of inequalities and how best to address them across and within counties in Kenya. Our partner International Budget Partnership Kenya has since 2016 convened stakeholders under the platform of Equity Week to deliberate and share ideas and input to the ongoing national and county conversations.

In 2017, CIOG Kenya alongside Elgeyo Marakwet County, successfully co-hosted the first regional Equity Week discussion at Tambach Teachers College. This later provided a template for three more regional conversations in 2018, with the North Rift region discussion being co-hosted with the University of Eldoret in collaboration with Commission of Revenue (CRA), Elgeyo Marakwet and International Budget Partnership Kenya. CIOG Kenya also analyzed and made a submission to the commission on the proposed third formula for application in 2019/2020 onwards.