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CIOG Kenya Analysis & Recommendations on new CRA formula

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CIOG Kenya Analysis & Recommendations on new CRA formula

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Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) developed the first and second revenue-sharing formulas among county governments as required by the constitution.  The 10th and 11th parliament approved these two bases and has been applied to share revenue for the financial years 2013 – 2018/19. CRA has now proposed a third revenue sharing basis for 2019/20 onwards in which Center for Innovation in Open Governance made a submission on January 28, 2019. 

Read a highlight summary of the proposed formula

In its submission, CIOG Kenya discusses the analysis, comments, and proposals for strengthening the proposed formula. The submission includes a summary of key recommendations, in-depth analysis of the proposed formula and a detailed proposal and recommendations.

The proposed third generation formula is comparatively measurable and a demonstration of greater efforts towards transparent and equitable criteria for sharing resources among county governments. CRA deserves a tap on the back for its radical approach to adopt a more direct approach to better align the third-generation formula to county functions and service delivery needs which is a step forward towards making the formula more legitimate.

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