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About Us

CIOG Kenya is a non-profit that seeks to transform citizens’ lives through effective public financial management (PFM). Through research and experimentation, the organization seeks to establish and promote scaling of good PFM and governance practice in Kenya. CIOG Kenya’s mandate is to create a platform for partnerships and to develop the capacity of stakeholders engaged in the public finance sector to positively influence public finance management practices. CIOG Kenya proactively works with organized groups of citizens, government and other non-state actors to advance its agenda.

Our Belief

Effective public service delivery and community transformation result from prudent management of public finances and government openness.

Our Vision

We envision a strong partnership among stakeholders with a shared agenda of transforming communities by aligning government priorities to citizen’s needs

Our Mission

Build a community of open government practitioners by inculcating the culture and values of government openness among state and non-state actors.


Strengthen state and non-state partner capacity and create avenues for fostering accountable and transparent decision-making ecosystem.

Empower communities to meaningfully participate in decision making and, to align government priorities to their needs and preference.

Enhance communities’ oversight role by strengthening their capacity to objectively and rationally demand government accountability on service access and quality.

Generate and make accessible evidence-based information to support stakeholder engagement in public finances advocacy.

Our Core Values

CIOG Kenya’s core values below serve to guide and nurture inward and outward culture and practices. It serves as the lowest desired minimums in CIOG Kenya’s advocacy work.

Evidence-Driven Engagement
Governments have a duty to profoundly support their actions by presenting supporting evidence, data and information to justify the actions it takes. Such evidence includes records, documentation, data and information of budgets, policies and reasons and justifications for decisions made
Open Governments
Governments and service delivery officials have an obligation to be accountable and transparent in how it takes decisions of public interest.
Open-Mind And Impartiality
We believe that stakeholders both state and non-state should approach and engage on issues of public interest with an open mind and hold the highest level of decorum in doing so.
Integrity And Ethical Behavior
State and non-state actors should hold themselves to the highest level of integrity as a function of fostering culture of openness, respect to the rule of law and other set standards that define open society.