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Budget Advocacy And Approaches
Research, Innovation, and training are at the heart of our theory of change thus supporting generation of evidence and adoption of good practices by governments in efforts to support implementation and adherence to constitutional and PFM provisions through knowledge and experience. CIOG Kenya acknowledges that good progress has been made so far to strengthen management of public finances in Kenya under the new constitutional order. In its efforts, the organization aims at promoting learning, innovation, and scaling of value-adding ideas by researching current and ongoing practices, experimenting and testing of new ideas and offering technical support and training of stakeholders.
Public Sector Accountability And Transparency
We define government accountability as the ability of government officials to take responsibility for the decisions they take while transparency is demonstrated by the openness in the process in which the decisions are made and executed. We regard accessibility to and presentation of information including reasons and justifications for such decisions as core to the accountability and transparency ecosystem.

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